Five Tips for Selecting the Best Survival Gear

You've taken a wrong turn, the car breaks down, and you're lost in the woods with your survival gear. Do you have the equipment and training to survive? Many people wouldn't be, even those who had some type of emergency pack or gear just in case an accident happened. A person in this situation requires two things: the right type of equipment and knowledge of how to use it.

Tip 1: Build around your strengths. Too many people look for a kit that is built already made to be the best, but there's no good way of determining this. A kit is only as good as its user. If you don't know how to use a Swedish fire starter, it doesn't matter if it's "state of the art." Find survival kits that have items you actually know how to use.

Tip 2: Add in extra gear to customize. These types of outdoor survival kits aren't going to come with an epinephrine shot, so if you have an allergic reaction to bees or other outdoor creatures, make sure to add that. No one else is going to make sure you're prepared before an emergency.

Tip 3: Consider your habits. An arctic survival kit built for Alaska doesn't make sense if you live in the south and tromp through the swamps. Likewise, if you're taking a long road trip, make sure that the survival gear you choose matches the destination or the environments being traveled through. Each environment makes certain outdoor gear more or less important in a survival situation.

Tip 4: Ask a lot of questions. When you're choosing between two pairs of pants, the differences might not be a big deal but when it comes to fire starters, emergency shelters, tactical knives, or any other important outdoor gear for survival then you need to be thorough. Don't make a hasty purchase and search around for reviews or recommendations. This is one purchase that you need to get right.

Tip 5: Buy two and practice with one. This is the most overlooked step, but it might be the most important. The best way to be prepared for the worst case scenario is to use it. Go camping one weekend in a public campground and practice fire starting without matches, practice setting up a shelter, make sure you know how to use all the first aid material.

Follow these tips and you will find the best survival gear for you.