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bitcoin hoy precio Listen to The Farmers Weekly Podcast for our take on the top news affecting UK agriculture. Podcast and projects editor Johann Tasker and Surrey farmer Hugh Broom delve behind the headlines – with comment, analysis and discussion from farmers and industry leaders.


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Put Down Roots logoDepartment for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

This is the second year of ‘Put Down Roots’ – Defra’s national tree planting campaign – which encourages farmers and landowners to create woodland using Woodand Creation grants.?

This year the campaign spotlights the England Woodland Creation Offer, which is administered by the Forestry Commission, plus a variety of regional grants delivered by various Woodland Creation partners across England.

The campaign highlights the benefits of woodland creation; including improving land, enriching biodiversity and the wider environment, and the potential to generate additional income.

To find out more about the Woodland Creation grants and support, visit?

Or for information on how to get paid for wider environmental benefits, consider the Sustainable Farming Incentive:


Hugh Broom

Hugh Broom farms beef cattle, some sheep and asparagus in Surrey. Previously as a young man, he spent 10 years pursuing an off-the-farm career as a radio journalist working for Capital Radio, LBC and BBC 5Live. Thanks to the magic of digital, he can now podcast from his farmyard.

Johann Tasker

Johann Tasker is podcast and projects editor at Farmers Weekly. A long-standing and integral member of the Farmers Weekly team, he has been reporting and analysing the impact of government policy on agriculture – and how it affects farm businesses – for more than 20 years.


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FW Podcast Ep 174: Does Back British Farming day have impact?

Back British Farming day what impact does it really have on politicians? We meet the new shadow Defra secretary, how would he make farmers lives better if Labour won the…


FW Podcast Ep 173: Frustration as PM's pledges lack progress

This week, Rishi Sunak made a host of promises to farm leaders at a Downing Street summit held in back in May. But industry representatives have voiced frustration at what…


FW Podcast Ep 172: Farmers lose out as water rules scrapped

This week, farmers are set to lose access to a market worth millions after the government scrapped water pollution rules for housing developers. What are the implications for growers and…


FW Podcast Ep 171: EA under fire over water-rules blunder

In this episode, the Environment Agency is under fire after accusing farmers of breaching rules to protect water quality. Defra blames technical issues as it delays the opening of its…


FW Podcast Ep 170: Spotlight on farming in Canada

In this episode, we take a special look at farming in Canada – visiting family farms in the western prairie province of Alberta. We look at the vast scale of…


FW Podcast Ep 169: How to beat uncertainty in farming

This week, we find out how UK farmers can best deal with uncertainty – and secure a more  profitable future for their farm business. As a challenging harvest continues, we…


FW Podcast Ep 168: Combating crime in the countryside

In this episode, as annual figures show another rise in farm theft, we meet the former SAS soldier helping to combat crime in the countryside. With wet summer weather making…


FW Podcast Ep 167: Welsh farm leaders boycott support scheme

In this episode, we ask what now for Welsh farm support as NFU leaders boycott the proposed scheme. Dumbing down net zero is popular with voters but what impact will…


FW Podcast Ep 166: Is Natural England anti-farming?

In this episode, we ask does Natural England have an anti-farming bias when it comes to rolling out new habitat schemes? Or is it simply doing its job? Organic producers…


FW Podcast Ep 165: Farm deaths hit record high

This week, as Farm Safety Week begins, we ask why so many farmers are being killed on UK farms. MPs are told they need to compensate farmers for beaver damage…


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