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bitcoin hoy precio Whether it is grown for anaerobic digestion, for livestock feed or grain, maize is being grown more widely and is being seen as a valuable addition to rotation. Our maize page aims to help you grow a more profitable crop.

This is your starting point for addressing challenges such as disease and weed control, choosing the right varieties and protecting the environment.

Key areas of focus:

  • Getting establishment right
  • Planning fungicide strategy
  • Keeping on top of weeds
  • Choosing the right varieties for the right market

Case studies

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Organic no-till system saves US grower over £1.6m in costs

US farmer Rick Clark calculates that he is taking £1.62m of costs out of his 3,000ha Indiana farm business on an annual basis, thanks to the organic no-till regime he…


Benefits of undersowing maize for soil, water and grazing

Tom Kimber has been growing maize at Higher Stavordale Farm near Wincanton in Somerset for at least 10 years, but it is only recently that he has turned his focus…


Why shallow cultivations are best option in maize trial

With maize often criticised for its high environmental cost, Cornish farmers Malcolm and Catherine Barrett were keen to find ways to improve the sustainability of their operations. They decided to…


How maize is helping beef producer hit target weights early

A focus on improving forage quality in beef rations has helped a Dorset farmer speed up throughput by up to six months. Beef and arable farmer Stuart Casely is using…


How maize is driving dry matter intake in NI dairy herd

Feed intakes are up, fertility has improved and milk yield is on the rise after a successful first winter feeding maize at Purcell Farms, County Londonderry. Mixed farmer James Purcell farms…


Why grain maize is key break crop in arable farmer's rotation

The demise of oilseed rape as a break crop has left a gaping hole in many rotations, but for one East Midlands farm, grain maize enables a better use of…

Practical advice

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Maize Watch: Drill straight after harvest to protect soil

Growers are advised to drill or cultivate maize fields immediately following harvest, before rain creates sticky conditions. Pulling a tine through to the depth of any compaction from the trailers…


Maize Watch: Harvest yields off to a promising start

As foragers start chopping maize crops across the South and East, reports are that yields are very good, ranging between 43 and 48t/ha. Excellent growth throughout the summer was due…


Maize Watch: Crops perform well despite challenging weather

Maize has done well in this year’s challenging weather conditions, utilising summer rain for excellent plant growth, reports Neil Groom, manager of forage specialists Grainseed. “Spring was wet and maize…


Farmer networks will be key for SFI uptake

Building confidence via networks of farmers will be crucial to the successful implementation of the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) and rollout of agroecological practices on UK farms. This is according…


Crop Watch: Choose wheats with good disease resistance

After a tough season for controlling disease in winter wheat, growers are being urged to look carefully at variety choice for next season and chose those with good disease resistance…


How to keep maize weed-free in a late spring

The window for weed control in maize could be tight this spring, so growers and contractors will need to be on the ball with herbicide spray timings and product choice…


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Maize-bean cropping tipped to see huge growth in Germany

More German growers are companion-cropping maize with beans to address astronomical ammonium nitrate and protein costs, saying the dry matter and protein performance of the resulting silage outweighs the energy…


How growers can produce maize and protect environment

Maize is a crop often perceived to be damaging to the environment, causing issues such as soil compaction, erosion and nutrient losses, which can lead to run-off, affecting nearby watercourses.…


Three key spring cropping options in the North

The area of spring cropping in 2023 is likely to be down on previous years given favourable conditions for autumn drilling, but it remains an important option for many farms…


Maize silage should feed well despite drought, analysis shows

Analysis of nearly 700 samples of maize silage suggest it should feed well this winter and complement this year’s grass silages. This is according to Liz Homer, ruminant technical development…


How to cut silage spoilage and on-farm plastic with HOB film

Opting for high-oxygen barrier (HOB) films instead of black plastic sheets has been shown to reduce silage clamp losses from 15% to 7%. This could go some way towards protecting…


Can silicon crop sprays benefit growers this season?

Despite silicon being the world’s second most abundant element, making up 25% of the earth's crust, crops can still benefit from its application, which has a vital role in plant…


Soil carbon: Targets and how to store it in arable fields

Farmers have a huge opportunity to help combat climate change by reducing emissions with the adoption of less intensive cultivations, as well as capturing and storing carbon in their fields. …


Can microbials replace chemicals for crop protection?

Microbial-based products in agriculture have over-promised and under-delivered. However, the first high-performing microbials may only be two to three years away and by the end of the decade there will…


How ‘chemichanical’ approach is aiding maize production

About 180,000ha of maize is grown in Denmark, with the majority of production concentrated in the South West. However, continuous rotations and a reduced chemical armoury mean weed control is…


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Video: How to sample your soil for analysis

The quieter winter months are a prime time to get a snapshot of the state of soils and consider any adjustments to maximise fertility and crop potential. Unlike most other…


Video: How to properly set up a crop sprayer

Crop spraying is one of the most important and highly skilled jobs undertaken on any arable farm, but it is facing increased public scrutiny. This is why it is vital…


Video: How 3 farmers spruced up their spray stores

Having the right spray store set-up will help growers stay on the right side of the law, keep valuable spray stocks safe from criminals and save spray operators a significant…


Video: Ultimate guide to good slug pellet application

With the fate of metaldehyde in their hands, growers have one final winter to make sure the slug killer doesn’t contaminate watercourses. As a timely reminder, Oli Hill looks at best application…

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